Tips When Setting Up Seamless Copper Gutters

Posted on: 2 June 2021


Seamless copper gutters are both beautiful and practical because of their well-constructed design. If you just bought them and want these advantages really coming through, then approach their installation with the right plans. Read on to learn more. 

1. Use Hidden Hangers

To properly secure seamless copper gutters on your property, you'll need to use hangers. They vary just as much as gutters do, but for your own convenience and added visual appeal, consider going with hidden hangers.

Once they're set up and gutters are placed on them, you won't be able to see the hangers at all. It will look like the seamless copper gutters are just suspending by themselves, which is a pretty cool effect that will make your home's exterior that much better.

2. Seal All Components Tightly

If you aren't able to seal sections of seamless gutters correctly, then you're going to have water that leaks out and onto your property. That can mess with structures that are near your gutters so just to be safe, make sure all of the connected sections are sealed correctly.

You need to use high-quality products that your seamless copper gutters probably came with, as well as test out the gutters post-installation. Then you'll see if water can leak out and if it can, you'll know which sections need more attention and adjustments.

3. Talk to a Professional About the Right Slope

You can install seamless copper gutters on your property without a professional, but it's still a good idea to consult with them about the slope of this gutter system. If you miscalculate, then water may not be able to flow properly in the gutter system.

If you talk to a contractor that deals with seamless gutters and their installation, then you'll have no doubts about how the gutters need to be sloped and where the slopes need to occur. Then you can get the perfect setup for proper water distribution throughout the year. You'll just need to follow their slope directions all the way through. 

You can better manage your home's entire roof when you equip gutters to them. If you love everything that seamless copper gutters offer, then make sure you take the right installation steps so that all of your money spent on these gutters was for something important. You can learn more about this process by working with a local seamless copper gutter installation company.