Maintenance Tips To Ensure Your Commercial Parking Lot Lasts For Years

Posted on: 21 June 2021


If you manage a commercial property or own a commercial business with parking lots, then you are well aware of how damaging traffic and the climate can be on parking lot surfaces. If you want to ensure that your commercial parking lot lasts for as long as possible and stays looking great, then you will want to keep up with the maintenance on it. Here are a few maintenance tips to follow.

Keep an Eye Out for Problems

You will want to take regular walks of your parking lot to ensure that you are able to catch problems before they grow into much larger issues that are more expensive to repair. In doing this, you can have minor problems addressed quickly by a professional contractor. You will definitely want to perform a tour of your parking lot after winter is over to look for any potential damage that snowplows may have caused. Don't forget to check for cracks and potholes. The sooner that this type of damage is addressed, the less it will cost to fix and the longer you can expect your parking lot to last.

Clean Up Spills and Debris Promptly

Debris can be blown onto your parking lot when the winds get up high, or people can leave trash sitting on your parking lot when they leave. Whatever the case may be, and whatever type of debris it is, it is important that it gets cleaned up as quickly as possible. From dirt and trash to branches and weeds, it can all cause cracks to form. Debris and spills can lead to the sealcoat being stripped from the surface, which leaves the parking lot vulnerable to even more damage.

Invest in Regular Sealcoating

Depending on the amount of traffic that your parking lot sees, you should have a professional apply a layer of protective sealant every couple of years. If you notice that the finish on your parking lot is beginning to look a bit dull and/or faded, then it may be a good time to go ahead and schedule sealcoating services. Regular sealcoating of your parking lot will fill in some of the smaller cracks that may be on the surface and keep them from getting larger while also offering some protection from the elements. All in all, regular sealcoating will help your parking lot look better, require fewer repairs, and last longer.

For more information, contact a commercial parking lot maintenance contractor near you.