3 Options For Rock Fall Mitigation

Posted on: 22 June 2021


Commercial construction projects require a lot of careful planning. Preparation of the construction site is critical in determining the long-term safety and stability of the finished building.

Rock fall mitigation is an important part of any major commercial construction project. Consider one of the following three systems to control rock fall on your commercial site in the future.

1. Protection Barriers

One of the most affordable options available for rock fall mitigation is a protection barrier. Barriers constructed of durable steel wire are installed in areas where rock fall is a threat.

Many rock fall barriers arrive at construction sites pre-assembled to make installation more efficient. Anchor posts are drilled into the ground at an angle to secure the barrier.

You need to be sure that the steel wire you use in your protection barrier is rated to withstand the type of force a rock fall on your commercial property might generate.

A protection barrier is a great option for commercial projects with small boulders or stones, but may not be effective in protecting against heavier rock fall.

2. Rock Fall Attenuator

Another viable method for mitigating rock fall is an attenuator. Rock fall attenuators are a type of catchment system. An attenuator consists of a series of anchor posts that are attached to a steel mesh drape.

The top portion of the attenuator deflects any rocks that fall, and the steel mesh draping directs rocks safely into a containment zone. Rock fall attenuators are low maintenance, and they are capable of handling a high volume of falling rock.

You should choose an attenuator system if your commercial property is at risk of high-frequency rock falls to maximize safety.

3. Rock Fall Canopy

A rock fall canopy is a low maintenance and space-saving method of mitigating rock fall hazards. Canopies are made of anchors that are installed perpendicular to a rock face. Steel mesh is then fitted over the anchors to create an overhead canopy.

Falling rocks are cradled by the canopy. This design allows you to maintain transportation routes and utilize all of your commercial property for construction purposes. 

Canopies are great options for commercial properties located directly in rock fall zones.

No matter what rock fall mitigation system you choose, partner with a company experienced in these systems for installation. A carefully planned and efficient rock fall mitigation system allows you to create a safe and functional commercial environment. For more information on commercial rock fall protection, contact a local company.