Steel Building Repair Guide to Dealing With Corrosion and Damaged Finishes

Posted on: 29 June 2021


If you own or manage a steel building property, certain issues can lead to severe damage. These metal buildings have protective finishes that can wear out and leave steel vulnerable to corrosion. The following steel building repairs are often needed to deal with corrosion when finishes are damaged:

Deal with Damaged Fasteners

The damage to fasteners of steel buildings can be a serious issue if they are exposed. Sometimes, bolts and other steel fasteners have protective coatings that prevent them from corroding. These are usually galvanized, hardened steel, but this material can still corrode over time. Therefore, some of the first areas you want to look at when inspecting a steel building are the fasteners. You might want to ask the repair service about using more durable fasteners that are resistant to corrosion and failures.

Address Scratches and Blemishes on Steel Finishes

The scratches and blemishes to the steel finishes can leave the metal exposed to corrosion. This can be a problem that gets worse and causes damage to the finish to spread. Therefore, some of the repairs that a steel building may need is refinishing the exterior coatings. Before this can be done, all the surfaces are cleaned. New steel finishes can provide a durable coating that is resistant to scratches and blemishes that lead to corrosion.

Repair Areas Where Corrosion Has Started

There might be areas where damage to the surface starts to corrode, which can cause severe damage to steel buildings. Therefore, you want to repair areas with corrosion damage that has started to eat away at the steel. These areas should be completely cleaned and sanded down to ensure that the problems don't come back. The corrosion often leaves pittings and other signs of damage that need to be repaired before the new protective coating finishes can be applied.

Fix Corrosion Damage That Causes Holes in Finishes

Another problem that can happen to the exterior of steel buildings is the corrosion causing holes in the materials. There are a couple of options to repair the damage where corrosion has been eaten through the steel. First, if the materials are corrugated steel siding, you might be able to replace the damaged panels. Another option to repair the corroded steel is to weld new metal in the damaged areas.

The problems with corrosion need to be repaired before they get worse and lead to severe structural damage. Contact a steel building repair service through websites like to learn more.