Benefits Of Eliminating Wet Basement Problems And Ways To Keep Your Basement Dry

Posted on: 9 July 2021


If your basement has mold problems and it's always damp, you may wonder if basement waterproofing is right for your home. There are several benefits of having a basement that's dry all the time, but it may not be possible to keep your basement dry until a contractor installs an interior or exterior basement waterproofing system. Here are some benefits of keeping your basement dry and a look at some options in basement waterproofing.

Benefits Of Keeping Your Basement Dry

When your basement is dry all the time, the risk of mold and foul odors decreases. Plus, when there isn't a lot of moisture, your basement is less attractive to bugs. One of the most important reasons for drying out your basement is to prevent damage to your foundation.

If you want to finish your basement so your kids have a place to watch movies or play games, then waterproofing should be your first step in the process so water doesn't ruin furniture or electronic equipment.

Options For Waterproofing

There are interior and exterior methods of basement waterproofing. Your contractor will recommend the best options for you to consider. They might install an interior drain with a sump pump. They might consider applying a coating to the interior or exterior walls. Another choice is to install a French drain around the exterior of your home to drain away water before it reaches your basement.

When comparing options, look at costs and how much the process will disrupt your home or property. For instance, an exterior French drain requires a long trench to be dug, and the trench might go right through your plant beds. An interior drain installation is less disruptive, but it's loud and it can create dust.

An interior wall coating may be the least disruptive and least expensive, but it may not last as long as other methods. An exterior coating or membrane lasts a long time, but it requires exposing the exterior walls all the way to the footings.

Each basement waterproofing method has pros and cons, so you'll need to get advice from a professional and compare all of your options.

You might also need to figure out why your basement stays wet. The problem could be poor drainage, gutter problems, or even leaks around the egress windows. By making repairs that are needed and installing a basement waterproofing system, your basement can stay dry all the time so you can use the space without having to put up with mildew odors and moisture-loving bugs.

For more information about basement waterproofing, contact a local service provider, like J.A. Kilby Enterprises Inc.