An Overview of Boiler System Circulator Pump Problems

Posted on: 29 October 2021


Your home's boiler heating system relies on a circulator pump to cycle the water through the radiators. When that circulator pump fails, it can leave your system working inefficiently or not working at all. Understanding how to deal with circulator pump issues is the first step toward keeping your home's heating system functioning all winter long. Here's a look at some of the things that you should know about boiler pump issues and the signs that you need to replace yours.

Loud Noises

If your boiler system engages only for you to suddenly hear loud squealing, screeching, squeaking, or other noises coming from the system, that's an indication that the pump is malfunctioning. Sometimes, the noise is a result of an air pocket in the system, while other times it is caused by a loose or spun bearing in the pump itself. You'll need to have a pump repair technician evaluate the situation to see if you can just bleed the air out of the system or if the pump will need to be replaced due to bearing issues.

Leaks Around The Pump

Your circulator pump is a sealed unit that relies on gaskets at each of the connection points. When these gaskets and seals function the way that they should, there's no risk of leaks from the pump when the system is running. However, over time those gaskets can dry and crack, or the seals can fail. This can lead to leaks from the circulator pump. If you've started to see water on the floor around the circulator pump, you'll need to call a pump replacement technician as soon as possible.

Unresponsive Circulator Pump

If the heating system turns on but the radiators just don't get hot at all, that's a sign that the circulator pump isn't functioning at all. You can try pressing the reset button on the pump, as this will sometimes be enough to restore its operation. However, if the pump has failed completely, you'll need to reach out to a pump replacement technician to have a new circulator pump installed.

These are some of the things that you should know about failing circulator pumps and your heating system. These are not the only signs of potential pump failure, though, so reach out to a technician near you if you have any reason to believe that your circulator pump is not working as it should be or you're in need of boiler pumps replacement.