Commercial Foundation Red Flags That Should Be Looked At By Repair Contractors

Posted on: 9 June 2022


If you own commercial property, the foundation is one of the most important parts since it holds everything up. If you start seeing the following red flags in this part of your building, be sure to follow up with an inspection by a foundation repair contractor. 

Floor Cracks

If you start to notice floor cracks happening around the inside of your building, then that's usually because of a foundation issue. The soil underneath may be shifting and thus causing the foundation to move. You'll want to have a foundation repair contractor examine these cracks more thoroughly just to be sure. 

They can verify if the cracks are a foundation problem and then show what can be done about them before you're left dealing with extensive foundation damage. There are a number of repair solutions, such as adding special piers and concrete slabs underneath the foundation. Your foundation repair contractor will know what to do.

Gaps Between Exterior Siding Materials

One of the more telltale signs of a foundation issue is when gaps are created between exterior siding materials on the outside of your commercial building. For instance, there might be gaps between different bricks on the exterior of your commercial property. If this has happened, contact a foundation repair expert immediately.

They'll examine the shifts in siding materials thoroughly and see if they're because of a foundation problem. If it is, they can help you develop a complete restoration that tackles the foundation problem before it causes serious structural issues that you're not easily able to come back from.

Sinking on a Particular Side

Over time, the foundation may naturally start to sink down. If this is happening at an alarming rate and around one particular area of your building, then this is definitely a foundation issue and it needs to be addressed promptly by a foundation repair contractor.

What they can do is restabilize the soil beneath the foundation with special systems, which might include the aforementioned piers or concrete slabs. It will just depend on the soil conditions that are underneath the foundation and the amount of sinking that has already happened.

Owning a commercial building means you may have to experience foundation issues at some point, especially if your building is pretty old. As long as you have qualified repair contractors look at foundation warning signs promptly, meaningful repair solutions can be put together that ultimately safeguard your building's foundation from future trouble. 

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