What Types Of Patio Enclosures Are Available For My Home?

Posted on: 29 September 2022


When the weather is nice out, you might want to spend all day out on the patio. However, when the weather conditions are less ideal, you can still enjoy your patio, if you install a patio enclosure. There are several to choose from based on the needs of your household. 

Screen Enclosures

A patio enclosure can have screens installed to protect you and your guests from bugs. The screen does not stop airflow so you can still enjoy the fresh air and cool off. Some screens are almost invisible and are very durable. If you aren't sure what type of screens you should choose, make sure to consult with a patio enclosure contractor.

Glass Enclosures

A glass-enclosed patio allows you to get some sunlight while still being protected from chilly winds and rain. You can sit outside and retreat to the glass-enclosed patio if it gets too cold. The glass can be clear or tinted if your family prefers more privacy and if you don't want to let too much sunlight into your patio enclosure.

Wooden Lattice

A lattice is a type of enclosure that is made out of wood with openings that allow for air to pass through. This type of enclosure will also provide you with some privacy. If you would like to reduce the cost of installing a lattice, a vinyl lattice is very durable and inexpensive.

Retractable Enclosures

The most expensive type of enclosure is the retractable enclosure. However, if you want to be able to open up your enclosure when you want more air circulation or when you don't want anything to block your view, the retractable enclosure is the best option.

By flipping a switch, the panels will move along a track to create an opening. Make sure to speak with a patio enclosure contractor about the type of features that come with a retractable patio enclosure and whether they will fit your budget.

Temporary Patio Enclosures and Patio Enclosure Kits

If you do not want to have a patio installed, you can choose to erect a temporary patio enclosure that is made out of insulated curtains or removable panel screens. If you would like to construct the enclosed patio yourself, there are kits available. However, a contractor will be able to reduce the hassle of using an enclosure. Patio enclosure contractors will also be able to customize your patio to meet your needs.

Contact a local patio construction company, such as Outdoor Equity Construction LLC., to learn more.