Useful Protocols When Performing Video Sewer Inspections

Posted on: 17 February 2023


If you suspect you have a problem with your home's sewer line, one of the best ways to go about identifying the problem is to perform a video sewer inspection. This involves putting a special camera system on the inside of your sewer lines to see where problem areas are. These inspections will prove helpful if you approach them in the following ways.

Make Sure the Camera is Waterproof

Before you stick a camera system inside your sewer system to see where the problem area is, you want to make sure you rent or buy a camera system that's completely waterproof.

Then you can use this camera without having to worry about it damaging from the wet conditions inside your sewer lines. If you focus on camera systems that are specifically designed for sewer inspections, you can trust they'll have a waterproof design.

Record Video of the Inspection

In order to make the most out of a video sewer inspection, you need to make sure you record the video that your camera system captures. Then even if you miss important details throughout this video inspection, you can go back through and be more thorough when picking out problem areas that you need to fix.

You just need to make sure you get a camera system that has recording capabilities. Then you can store video from this assessment on a tablet or computer to watch back any time, which is very helpful when you consult with a licensed plumber about sewer issues you've had to deal with lately. 

Be Thorough

One of the most important goals to have when performing a video sewer inspection is to be thorough. When you insert a camera system inside your sewer lines, you want to examine as many parts as you can.

Then you'll have detailed notes to consult with when trying to figure out ways you can restore your sewer line in an effective manner. It may take you longer to complete a thorough video sewer inspection, but the added effort will ensure you target the right problem areas that need to be fixed as quickly as possible.

Whether you have a leaking sewer line or a clog that is causing issues, you can assess these problems in a convenient manner thanks to video sewer inspections. If you plan to handle them yourself, it's important to use the right equipment and follow key inspection protocols that help you get meaningful results.

For more information, contact a video sewer inspection service near you.