The Chimney Restorations Your Home Will Need To Complete Renovations

Posted on: 24 May 2021


The chimney is one of the areas of your home that you don't want to neglect when you are planning major renovations. You want to know some things about the restorations that need to be done to your chimney, such as options for updating it and retrofitting it with modern equipment. The following chimney restoration information will help you complete your home renovation project with functional fire features.

Inspecting the Interior

The interior of your chimney should be where you start with the restoration work. There may be various problems with wear on the interior of the chimney. This can start with the damage to dampers and materials insider the fireplace or stove. If there are worn components on your chimney's interior, they will need to be replaced when doing the restoration.

Replacing the Flue Pipe

The flue pipe is another area where you may need to do repairs. One option you may want to consider for your home is retrofitting the chimney with a modern flue pipe. There are several benefits to retrofitting your chimney with a new flue pipe. If you are planning on installing an insert or wood-burning stove, it can be improved by retrofitting the existing chimney with a modern flue pipe.

Dealing with Worn Finishes

The finishes of your fireplace can also be worn and need to be repaired. You may want to consider several options to restore the worn finishes on the exterior of the chimney. The worn finishes of your chimney can also be updated during the restorations. You may want to consider restoring the masonry on the exterior, or you may want to cover it up with new materials like fiber cement veneer or siding. You can also refinish the fireplace heath inside your home to complete your restorations.

Installing a Chimney Cap

The chimney cap of your fireplace is also important. Today, there are modern options for chimney caps that add attractive and functional solutions to your home. Modern chimney caps will be attractive and have pest deterrents integrated into their design. This can help prevent damage to your newly restored chimney due to pests and debris. You have options for chimney caps that have a more traditional masonry look or modern metal caps that enhance the design of your home.

The chimneys of fireplaces and old wood-burning stoves can be updated when you are doing major renovations to your home. Contact a chimney restoration service for help planning these improvements to complete your home renovation project.