Foundation Repair: Rebuilding the Crumbling Pieces

Posted on: 25 May 2021


When you notice that your house has cracks and crevices on the floor and walls, then you probably have foundation problems, and the best solution is immediate foundation repair.

A foundation repair service involves fixing faults in the core structure to support its external structure. It is helpful to make timely repairs when you notice any core structure issues to avoid further damages.

Causative Agents for Foundation Damage

Majorly, the damage caused to the foundation is due to environmental factors. It is wise to seek consultation from foundation repair contractors to get the appropriate repair service. Some of the factors leading to the damage is:

  • Soil profile: the type of soil that you build on affects the foundation of the building. Clay soil is one of the worst types of soil to build on due to its poor drainage.

  • Inadequate drainage system: there are rainy seasons every calendar year. During this time, water flows, and due to a flawed drainage system, water clogs and damages the core.

  • Natural calamities: calamities such as earthquakes cause damage to the foundation. It is due to the violent shaking of the earth's surface.

  • Leakage within the house: having leakage in the building weakens the soil. It then affects the core structure, thus damaging it.

Effects of Foundation Damage

Though the solution is foundation repair, it is vital to note that the effects of damages to the core structure are stressful.

There are many effects in the end, and they are as stated below:

  • Value of the building depreciates: when there is damage to the building, the value reduces.

  • Safety hazard: it is unsafe to live in a house with a damaged core structure that can lead to accidents.

  • Infrastructure damage: the damage upon the building may spoil other parameters in the building, e.g., the water pipe and electricity system.

Various Types of Foundation Repair

There are many indications of damage to the core structure. Some of them include cracked bricks, cracked walls, cracked floors, and bulging floors.

 These kinds of malfunctions need repairs. There are various methods suitable for every one of them. They are as follows:

  • Slab jacking: it involves a mixture of cement pumped into the affected area to refill the void left by sunk concrete.

  • Steel piers: it requires pilings of steel pipes in a bid to reinstate the correct foundation structure.

  • Sealant repairs: the involvement of hydraulic cement is vital in repairing small cracks.

  • Spot piers: they are important in light-loaded areas and are shallowly dug by hand and concrete-filled.


Foundation repair services also offer extension services. Always contact a foundation repair contractor to give you the right advice before any repairs too. If you encounter any anomalies, contact them as soon as possible and ensure safety on your property.

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