Tips When Using Rental Crash Trucks on Construction Sites

Posted on: 15 June 2021


Construction sites near passing vehicles can be considered hazardous. That's why crash truck rentals are set up to keep the work area safe in the event of collisions. If you're using these rental trucks, use these tips to have success with them every time.

Test Lights in the Back First

Crash trucks will have lights in the back, which are supposed to display arrows indicating which lanes motorists need to be in. Before you set up rental crash trucks, go ahead and test the lights in the back to make sure they're functioning like they're supposed to.

Have someone go in the back to give you confirmation if the lights are working. If these tests show lighting inconsistency or the lights don't work at all, you need to exchange the crash trucks for trucks with working lights. That's going to keep motorists and your construction crew safe.

Leave Vehicle Unoccupied

Once the crash truck is dropped off around the appropriate construction site, you need to keep the vehicle unoccupied. This is important to do the entire time that the crash truck is on the temporary construction site.

If a motorist isn't able to avoid the crash truck, there aren't going to be people inside it that get injured. That reduces your liability and can reduce the impact of crashes if they were to happen around the construction site. The only time someone should be inside these trucks is to move them to different construction sites when your work operations shift later on. 

Account for Movement Caused by a Potential Collision

In order for crash trucks to make a difference around a construction site where there are roads, they need to be placed correctly. A relevant factor to carefully assess when deciding on a placement location is movement caused by a potential vehicle collision.

How far will the crash truck move if it was hit by a vehicle going at a certain speed? Making these calculations will help you put the crash truck in a position that is far enough behind workers to keep them safe if the crash truck was hit with impact. 

Crash trucks have to be situated around busy construction sites because then workers will have more confidence and be less susceptible to injury. Once you find some crash trucks to rent out from a provider, learn about the protocols that will keep you and others safe around these construction safety devices.