Directional Boring Solutions That Make Sewer Line And Pipe Installations Painless

Posted on: 15 July 2021


If you have to have pipes installed on your property, you are probably dreading the damage that this work causes. Excavations are also hazards that you have to deal with. Today, an alternative solution to conventional excavations is directional boring. This technique is used for various types of pipe installations and other projects requiring excavations. The following information will help you know more about directional boring:

Different Types of Directional Boring Installations

The directional boring process is a horizontal drilling technique that is used to install various materials. It is often used for the installation of water and sewer pipes, but it can be used for any type of underground installation that would normally require trenching excavations. Thus, you can also have directional boring done for the installation of things like drainage pipes or conduits for utility installations.

Evaluating the Geological Features of Your Property

One of the challenges with directional boring methods for installing pipes is the type of materials that the equipment needs to drill through. With soft soils, there are few problems with the installation of pipes. When there are harder compact clay and stone to drill through, specialized equipment is often used. Therefore, evaluating the geological features beneath the surface of the terrain might need to be done before you can begin directional boring on your property.

Excavations Needed for Drilling Equipment Access

The excavations for directional boring are minimal. There might be several points where small access excavations are done. These are the areas where the drilling equipment will be used to bore the hole and install the pipe, conduit, or other required materials. This method minimalizes excavations and prevents problems with damage to structures or manicured landscaping. This directional boring prevents damage to property when new pipes or utility conduits are installed.

Process of Installing the Pipe Materials During Drilling

The process of installing the pipe materials can be done during the drilling when doing directional boring. Usually, this is the best method to prevent issues during the installation process. As the machines bore through soil and rock, pipes are connected and installed throughout the drilling process. This also saves time because the only work needed after drilling is connecting the pipes and filling the access hole excavations.

The installation of pipes can be painless with the help of horizontal drilling solutions. Contact a directional boring service to get the help you need installing sewer lines and pipes without the headaches of major excavations.