3 Misconceptions About Concrete Foundation Repair You Should Not Believe

Posted on: 23 June 2022


Your home's foundation is what keeps it standing. Once this foundation is compromised, your home is at risk of collapsing. Therefore, occasionally hiring professionals to examine your home's foundations is important to ensure everything is okay. One of the main causes of concrete foundation damage is the lack of proper drainage to direct rainwater away from the house. As a result, this water settles on your house's foundation, exposing it to serious damage.

However, since the foundation is not something that homeowners deal with all the time, there are various misconceptions about foundation services. If you think your home needs concrete foundation repair, here are a few lies you should not believe.

1. The Foundation Can Restore Itself

Foundation movement or sinking are usually the first signs of foundation damage. Sometimes, when homeowners ignore this issue, it may seem to disappear after a while. However, these people don't realize that some soils change with the seasons. For example, clay soil contracts and expands depending on the weather conditions. During the wet seasons, the clay molecules will expand and then contract during the hot seasons. Therefore, the foundation problems will seem to disappear during long rainy seasons. Unfortunately, this continuous expansion and contraction weaken your foundation and will eventually break it.

2. Cracks Are the Only Signs to Look for

One of the warning signs that your foundation is due for repair is cracks on the walls. However, cracks are not the only signs of foundation damage. Your home can show you that the foundation has issues before cracks appear. For instance, the windows and doors in your house can become too loose or tight to fit their spaces. Other signs of foundation damage include warped ceilings, gaps in the walls or foundation, and bouncing floors. Therefore, it is vital to understand all the signs of concrete foundation damage to call the repair experts on time.

3. Anyone Can Fix the Foundation

The idea of repairing your foundation seems simple when you think about it. You might think that all you have to do is dig under your house, fix the damage, then put everything back in its place. But that is not always the approach. Foundation repair involves various complicated processes that only professionals understand. Moreover, soils in your area don't have the same composition as soils in other locations. For this reason, foundation repair professionals generally specialize in fixing foundations for buildings in their state. So, don't assume you can repair your concrete foundation after watching a few DIY videos online.

Fixing your home's foundation doesn't have to be stressful. Once you suspect your foundation is not okay, call the repair experts immediately. The professionals will analyze the condition of your foundation and offer an ideal solution. Additionally, concrete contractors have the right tools and will complete the task within a short time.