A Guide To Basic Stucco Repair

Posted on: 14 September 2022


Stucco is one of the most common and reliable finishes for exterior surfaces. Since, it's affordable, durable, and easy to maintain, stucco is great for residential and commercial buildings. Homeowners and DIYers are especially fond of stucco because it is easy to paint and repaint over the years. While stucco can maintain its texture for decades, it can get damaged. Scratches, dents, and dings can occur along the lower walls of your exterior over the years and you may need to do some spot repair. This article is a helpful guide to stucco repair. It should help you determine whether you can fix your damaged area yourself, or if you should hire a pro to get it done.

Difficulty: Just How Hard Is The Work?

The thing about stucco repair is that actually applying a patch is usually quite simple. You don't need many complicated tools or power equipment. You can pick up everything you need over the counter at just about any home improvement store. That being said, getting your stucco patch to match is a whole different story. You want to stucco texture and color to match. Achieving the right texture is done while applying the stucco before it dries. This can take a little bit of patience.

When it comes to matching the painting (after the patched area is dry), you might have issues. The paint on your existing exterior has probably faded to some extent over the years. Also, the patched area will be slightly different in the way the absorbs the paint while it dries. Even if you have the exact same paint that was used when originally painting your house, it is doubtful that it will dry exactly the same. So, what should you do?

Why You Should Call The Pros

Ultimately, a professional stucco contractor has seen and done it all before. They have all the tricks and techniques to finish your patch job without leaving behind any trace. First of all, pros are adept at achieving a perfectly matched stucco texture. They will know which products and tools work best. They will also be able to more closely match the existing paint color and sheen by getting a sample and using feathering techniques to blend the edges. When all is said and done, stucco pros can make your walls look like no work was ever done, and that's the point of a good stucco repair job.

Reach out to a local stucco service to find out more.