4 Reasons You Should Not Postpone Foundation Repairs

Posted on: 27 October 2022


As a homeowner, you probably address repairs that seem critical and major and ignore the rest. For example, if a damaged faucet sprinkles water everywhere, you would quickly contact a plumber. Since foundation damage is typically hidden, you might take some time before you discover the problem and seek repairs. So, what could go wrong when foundation damage is left unaddressed for a long time? The following are reasons to call a general contractor for timely repair services. 

1. Avoid Plumbing Damage

Fluctuating weather conditions make cracks in your foundation expand and contract. The cracks become bigger every month you fail to schedule a repair service. As a result, the cracks could strain pipes at the bottom of your house, causing them to break and leak. This may lead to water damage and high water bills. Therefore, you should seek timely foundation restoration to prevent plumbing and foundation issues. 

2. Drastic Decrease in Property Value 

Major foundation issues are huge red flags when selling your property. You might be ready to repair the damage, but home buyers feel skeptical about a house with foundation issues. Major damage to the foundation may suggest that you probably don't take good care of your house. Potential buyers might think the house has other underlying issues even when there are none. Therefore, it is best to address foundation damage to maintain your property's value and attract potential buyers.

3. Prevent Structural Problems 

The house foundation supports the entire house structure. If shaken, the entire structure is under intense pressure. Small cracks on your foundation walls soon grow into sinking floods, warped windows, crooked doors, and sagging rooflines. Your house might fall if you don't take the right course of action. However, you can save your house by contacting a general contractor to assess your house and repair the foundation. 

4. Save Money 

Everybody wants to save money on home repairs and restoration projects. Fixing minor issues might seem costly initially, but how much do you risk spending if your house collapses? The longer you postpone foundation repairs, the bigger the damage and the more money you might pay for repairs. For instance, reinforcing sinking floors using hydraulic piers generally costs more than fixing small cracks using epoxy sealers. Therefore, strive to save money by fixing minor problems as soon as you discover them. 

As shown above, there are countless reasons to seek timely foundation repair. If you suspect something is wrong with your house foundation, contact a general contractor to resolve the foundation problems. You will save money, avoid plumbing damage, and maintain property value.