3 Home Remodeling Projects To Improve Desert Living

Posted on: 9 December 2022


After living in a desert home for several months or years, you may know some of your property's strengths and weaknesses. While you may love the property, you might notice that some of its weaknesses are related to a lack of features or qualities related to desert living. A viable solution is to hire a home remodel service for a few projects that improve life in a desert climate.


You might rely heavily on your central air conditioning system in warm weather to keep your family comfortable. Although you will likely need to use this feature on hot days, you can reduce strain on the system by improving insulation throughout your house. This makes it more difficult for the hot outside air to get into your home and increase the temperature.

Replacing the windows with double or triple-paned windows can make a noticeable difference. You can also install solid-core exterior doors to reduce heat transfer. These two changes will make your home feel more comfortable all year long, especially during summertime.

A large project worth considering is exterior wall insulation. Boosting insulation around your home will immediately make each room feel extra comfortable. You can follow up this project with attic insulation to better protect your home from heat transfer in every direction.


Desert climates often get ample sunlight throughout the year. While windows do a great job of bringing natural light into your home, you can make it better with skylight installation. Skylights provide the most light around noon when the sun is directly above. The tricky part is to figure out where you want to get natural overhead light in the middle of the day.


Changing to hard flooring exclusively throughout your home can help with comfort and temperature control. Carpeted flooring is comfortable and warm to walk on. However, you may want to reduce the temperature and cool down your family at every opportunity. Replacing bedroom carpeting with hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring can make a substantial difference.

Tile flooring will often feel the coolest to the touch. So, you can discuss with your family whether you want the coolest touch or different hard flooring that suits other preferences.

Living in a desert climate is something you may love. Fortunately, you can make it even better when you improve your home with the desert in mind. Hiring remodelers to work on these specific projects will give you features and qualities that are sure to satisfy your family.