2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having Custom Kitchen Cabinets Installed

Posted on: 27 December 2022


For your upcoming major remodeling project of your home's kitchen, you may have decided that you would like to have kitchen cabinets custom-made according to your own design. While you may have some idea of particular details you wish to have included, you may not yet have the full picture of what you want for your kitchen cabinets.

Before you start coming up with a full design to take to the contractor, you should first sit down and think about how you currently use your kitchen. Asking yourself questions such as the two below can help you come up with a design before you have custom cabinets installed in your kitchen.

1. Do You Use Your Kitchen a Lot for Heavy Cooking and Baking?

One question you should ask yourself has to do with how much you use your kitchen. Do you do a lot of cooking and baking that requires you to use your cabinets constantly almost every day?

If you and your family use the cabinets a lot, you should decide on a finish that does not easily show dirt and grime. While you may love antique white wood for cabinets, these would not be practical for a well-used kitchen, unlike a darker finish.

Also, if you open and close the doors frequently, you should choose hardware that is both durable and comfortable. Delicate flowers may look nice, but they may be too thin for constant use, unlike sturdier, heavier handles with a streamlined design.

2. What Would You Like to Change About the Functionality and Organization of Your Current Cabinets?

Another question to ask yourself has to do with the functionality and organization of your current cabinets. Try to think about if there is anything you would love to change about the way the cabinets are set up.

For example, if your cabinets force you to store your spices in a cabinet across the kitchen, you may want to add cabinet space in your design that is next to the oven. If you are tired of sifting through cabinets for baking supplies, consider adding enough space in a cabinet for a lazy Susan.

While thinking of how you want your new kitchen cabinets to be designed, consider how much you will use them to help you determine the finish of the cabinet surfaces as well as the hardware to install. You should also think about changes in the current organizational scheme to see what you would like to have changed. Once you have a vision of how you would like them, contact a contractor that offers custom kitchen cabinets to work out the design details before they are installed.